Why Choose Glens?

  • removal men loading a van
  • Glens Care recognises that good relocation service is not good enough. Customized service certainly is. You define quality; we meet or surpass the quality. Remember where your property is, there also lies your heart. This property we are moving is worthy your lifetime, therefore you do not need a mover but a partner. Glens Care is your partner who values your investment. One hat does not fit all.
  • Glens Care provides stress-free and hassle-free relocation. We have the experience, resources and network to make your move and overseas shipment as stress and trouble-free as possible.
  • You have a sentimental attachment to your property, we believe no amount of money can buy or substitute this property. We should deliver the property in the same new or old condition.
  • Having delivery trucks, a shipping vessel or a clearance company is not good enough. We therefore provide a one-stop-shop which offers the entire assortment of free pre-move surveys, relocation advice, quotations, packing and unpacking, storage (short or long-term), customs clearance, insurance, logistics, and shipment. You are completely free from relocation hassles.
  • We have a profession tracking team, we keep you informed of the position of your valued shipment. Tracking your valued goods means moving with goods.
  • You have moved with us before and you trust us to take the same good care as we have done in the past
  • Your spouse and/or friend insists on Glens because of past experience, why can’t you give them a chance
  • Relocation service quality is experiential, you will not admit there is better service than you experienced until you move with Glens.
  • We value the partnership that exists between us not only during the move, but even after the move, we will still come back to you after the move.
  • With over fifty years of international relocation experience, we have gone through the of the industry and have the best in store for your move.
  • We have quality driven agents worldwide, we can move you to any place in the world.

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